Hello from FL

I just picked up the S4 horn set from Garrett (Thanks for the hookup) super nice guy to do business with. I’ll be installing these on my 05 GMC crewcab thats already bagged so I did’nt need to buy a compressor or tank.
I’m running 2 8gal tanks and an engine driven compressor for my air ride. My setup also uses 2 pressure switches that I have on a toggle switch so I can have a cutout at 150psi and 200psi.
I did this so during the week when I’m just crusing to work I run 150psi max then when I want a little extra psi to show of with I flip the toggle to the 200psi side. This also saves a little wear on my engine driven compressor not having to pump up to 200psi all the time.
I will be installing them this weekend so I will post some pics of the install.
Later, Jeff

Damn welcome to the Club

WHERE IN FL are u from…most of us are from the south


Dade City. Near Tampa. I’ll post up some pics this weekend. Gotta head out for work. Dam night shift.lol

dade city mx ftw!

Welcome to the forum Jeff!

Welcome to the site. I really wanna see pictures of this bagged crewcab. It’ll give me some inspiration :smiley:

I might have to come up to dade city just to see this setup. How do u work the 150 to 200 psi switch?

Welcome to the forums… Cant wait to see pics of the EDC… I was thinking about how much this would cost for my 05 silverado. Where did you get it, how much and how hard is it to install??? Oh… and what are the fill times like?