Hello from Georgia

Hey everybody, once I saw these videos on here I knew I had to have me a train horn. I once had a La cucaracha horn on my '86 toyota truck and it was a lot of fun.:smiley:

I just scored a Conductor’s Special S4 kit brand new for a nice price on ebay!
I just can’t decide which vehicle to put it on. Tell me what you guys think?

2004 Quad Cab Hemi Ram

1987 Buick Grand National

1986 Chevrolet Sprint/Geo (52mpg):wink:

I have been reading a lot of stuff on train horns over the last couple of weeks and I am ready to get HONKY.

Sorry I didn’t buy a new kit here but I couldn’t turn down the price. I am sure I am going to need some upgrades (psycho blasters) and such.


why not buy horn kits for all vehicles??
problems solved! :slight_smile:

Don’t I wish! My wife is going to kill me now when she finds out I spent the rent money!!!:frowning:

Haha…wow thats no good… spending the rent money on the horns…

Welcome 2 the forums btw…

Just kidding about the rent money. How much more air would I need for the Psychos?

You really wouldn’t need any more air… PsychoBlasters are very efficient horns

Welcome to the forum!

Dodge all the way =) since i have it on mine and there is TONS of room on the front end