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Hello All!!

Just stumbled across this forum but not HornBlasters. I plan on starting to acquire the parts I will need to install a set of train horns. I figure while I’m putting an air system on my trucks I want it capable of other duties as well such as inflating tires, small air tools, etc. Here is my parts list SO FAR;) I’m sure it will grow as I find new stuff to add:rolleyes:

Viair 380C dual Compressor kit
Horn-Air 8.5Gal air tank
Viair 110-145PSI pressure switch
Manual Train Horn valve
All appropriate compression fittings
160Psi relief blow off valve
20-25ft 1/2 D.O.T. Air line

Undecided on the type of horn. It will be one of the Nathan Airchimes though, I’ll probably keep an eye out for a good deal on a used one. As to the manual valves HB sells, is there a difference between the two? The Graham White valve and the I’m assuming generic valve look identical? Any reviews on them?

All this will either be mounted in the bed of a truck with a cover or in a toolbox. For getting power back there I’ll probably run battery cable to a fuse block/terminal near the compressor area. Plus a bigger relay to turn the compressors on/off, something like this http://www.red-bhw.com/12v-upright-single-acting-solenoid-1792.html

Well again, Hello. Any thoughts on my plan so far? Like I said I’ll be ordering parts a little at a time to keep what I want to do in my budget. I plan on having everything ready for an install by the end of march. Still need to find a nice digital air gauge and probably will order carling switches to control power.


Forgot to mention all this will be on a '04 ram 1500 quad cab

Welcome to the forums! I have my 12 gallon and 2 compressors mounted in my toolbox with no issues!

Welcome to the forum Tyler. If your tools use air faster than the Viairs can produce, consider an Oasis compressor upgrade.

Thanks, guys. Bryan- I checked out you vids, I really like the bell you installed!!!

Ill look into the Oasis Compressors, I wont be running air tools very often though, Just like the thought of having the capabilities when needed

Thanks I love my E bell :smiley:

The Oasis are pricey but well worth it from what i’ve read and heard.

Welcome. I agree on the idea of upgrading your air if you’re going for an Airchime and an 8.5 gal tank. The dual 380’s sit pretty much on the bottom of the ladder in terms of twin kit performance. In case you haven’t come across it yet, check out the compressor chart for a quick overview on options.

We say it all the time here, … don’t skimp on your compressor kit. Buy the best your budget allows for.

In terms of the relay, I wouldn’t bother getting the one you linked to. The dual compressor kits will generally all come with the right relays to suit the particular model you’re buying. Big nasty relays are not always the right thing and some are not rated for continual load, so make sure it’s built to handle the amps for the compressor that’s hanging off the other end.

Digital pressure gauge, check here:

All the best with the build. BTW… I like your Avatar, what kind of truck is that?

Thanks for the advice DBO! I was browsing the compressors more and realized for an additional $20 I could upgrade to the 444C kit or step it up ~$80 and get the duel 450C’s. I’ll take your advice though and thoroughly research them before purchase. Thanks for the link to the site with the gauges, I like some of the regular gauges on their site.

The truck in my avatar is a 1969 M35A2, made for the military by “Jeep Kraiser”. It has an outstanding 130HP Multifuel engine :wink: burns ANYTHING you put in the tank. The truck is commonly referred to as the famous “Deuce and a Half”. That 130HP pushes the 13,500lbs truck down the highway at about 40mph. I don’t take it anywhere I have to go in a hurry. BUT it does have 6x6

Welcome TLauden!

Welcome to the forum!

It sounds like you’re on the right track to have a custom train horn setup.

I would suggest the following pressure switch or one similar. It has a dual relay system built in that works perfect with a dual compressor setup.


I also agree with these fellow comrades in stating to do plenty of research on compressors before jumping the gun. Including looking into how easily accessible internal replacement parts for the compressors are for later down the road and warranty options.

Take into consideration all that your air management system will be used for such as the horns and any accessories such as air tools for example. If you will need a simple “fast fill” setup or a “constant duty” setup. There is nothing more aggravating than a burnt up compressor!

I am actually in the midst of writing an article I will post with the differences between the two manual valves (Hornblasters and Graham White). I hope to have it posted by the end of today or the beginning of next week.

We are always happy to answer questions both here, email or over the phone!

Happy honking!!