Hello from Southern California

Hello All,

I’m currently running a shocker set up behind the grill of my '12 honda accord. I’m going to be picking up a K3HA hopefully today and will try to get it to fit in the same location as the shocker set up was. I hope to start a build thread as it get’s closer to actually doing the work. Looking forward to learning more from this site and it’s members as the time goes on.

Welcome to the forum from a SoCal native that just got a '13 Accord EX-L. It has all the bells and whistles but no horns or navigation system.

Well, I can say a shocker system can fit behind the grill!! I hope I can shoe horn in the K3HA… Santa Ana huh? I’m up in Apple Valley.

Good luck with that. I doubt you’ll get a K3 into the front of the Honda - even on single mounts. They need a lot of space. You might need to stick them into the trunk or under the back somewhere. Check out the posts from user “repeatman” ; he’s one the seasoned horn addicts on the forum here and has a K3 in his Accord I think.

It’s Honduhh …


She’s the one with a Honda Civic hatchback with a K3 in it.



Thanks for all the info guys!! I really do appreciate it!

I haven’t had any time to pull the car apart yet but I’m not giving up hope. I’m really hopefull to get it squeezed in there. I really want it in my daily driver but if worse comes to worse it’ll get installed into my truck.

Hey what’s going on. I’m from the Bay Area. I’m saving up for a k3 to put on my mustang.

well, you could always Put the K3’s On remote Mounting Brackets Like I did behind the rear bumper, Stick a T Fitting on and have both shockers and K3’s :smiley: Food For thought! :wink:

Hello, I’m from India…