Hello from Sweden, Building a shiphorn

Greetings from Sweden.

Havent been playing around with horns before but got hooked after seing these vids.




Trainhorns sound cool, but big shiphorns has a deeper sound that i really like.
Im going to try and build something similar.

The guy in the video says his horn pretty much copies an Airchime KM ship horn,
except his is made of plastic.
The diaphragm is made of polycarbonate .090 thick and the diameter is 7 1/4".
He runs aprox 120 psi through it.

So does anyone here have any drawings or diagrams of the Airchime KM ship horns or
anything similar to help me getting started.
All info and advice to push me in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


The camera in the second video is vibrating from the horn 20’ away.

Good luck w/ the project!

This topic has my Kahlenberg Chimetone D-1 horns w/ A/V clips.

The only issue I encounter w/ 140dB horns is finding enough times and places to let them rip…

Thanks for the Welcome
And yes thats a powerful horn :slight_smile:

This Two-Part Horn Theory document describes the working of all horn types.

There will be a quiz later…

Here is another Three-Part Horn Loudspeaker Design document, quiz to follow…

Thanks wingless,

I really appreciate your help, and i will try to prepare for the quiz…:eek:

Welcome to the forum. I seached the internet for “Tyfon ship horns” and the first listing was the original Queen Mary here in Long Beach, CA

Cool videos. Nice quiet country neighborhood - they must love him :slight_smile: