help asap!!!!! pls pls pls take 2 seconds!!!

hi i need help i got everything hooked up but some times horn dont work but i can here the horn clicking and its at 200psi, it will work then it wont its weird but no problems or anythign with wires or new switch------could u call 480-220-6347

sounds like a bad valve

what do u mean? like ware u conet the hose to the horn>?

what you hear “click” is the relay or actuator. the valve could be broken or stuck. try unhooking the horns from the valve and see if you get air out the valve. you may have a sticky valve. what kit do you have?

Did you use teflon tape on them? If so that stuff breaks off and jams the plunger in teh valve body.

siege hammer 3
i think that thing you plug horn into and it contects to the horn, that pice is a lil lose could that bit it? i cant really tighten cuz hose in the way so i will have to take off then put back on

yes i did, so take off and look at that hole thing then? ill go do that