Help!! Going crazy

I want to start off by saying that the guys at Hornblasters have been great in trying to help me with my issue. I’m just venting my anger at the situation, and just looking for suggestions from someone who may have had the same problem.
I purchased a Conductor’s S4 system with the 5 gallon tank two months ago. I have never got to use it. Ever since I purchased the setup I have never got air to stay in the tank. Every single morning I get in my truck the compressor kicks on. I have had to pull the fuse because I was afraid the compressor would get damaged running every day. I used a complete 24oz. spray bottle of soapy water and NO LEAKS! The compressor gave out and no longer pumped air into the tank. I sent it back to Hornblasters and they fixed it for free (thanks guys). I got it back and put it back on. After running the compressor I checked for leaks. The only leak I found was where the leader hose went into the compressor. Fixed that. I have removed ALL of the connectors, plugs, etc. three times. I did this just because I wanted to make sure I was not just missing a leak somewhere. And, I was willing to try anything. First I used pipe thread sealer, no leaks. I then used teflon tape, no leaks. Then I tried red lock tite, still no leaks. I replaced the air line going from the tank to the valve and even used new compression fittings, still no leaks. I have tested the valve to make sure that there was no power going to it keeping it slightly open. I have checked to see if air was coming out of the input side of the compressor, nothing. NOW GUESS WHAT??? The compressor is not working again. I started my truck tonight to do some more checking and it ran for longer than I thought it should so I went to check and there was NO AIR IN THE TANK!!! I’m sure there is a solution, I just don’t know what else to check. I do know what I am doing too. I was a mobile audio installer for several years for a major electronics store, so I’m no newbie to this stuff. GOD, THIS IS PISSING ME OFF!!!

welcome to the forum, sorry to hear about your troubles…
only thing i could think would be the problem, is the check valve on the compressor’s braided hose, the air could be leaking into the comprssor

First off Welcome to the fourms hopefully we can help you. I really have no ideas at the moment unless your drain cock at the bottom of the tank is not fully shut. or as Brizzal said.

Thanks guys. No leaks found! If air was leaking back into the compressor it would leak out of the input. No leak there. I have checked ALL of the connections, caps, valves, drain, etc. NO LEAKS!! This is what makes no sense to me. Air will not stay in the tank but no air is leaking from the tank. WTF? I have even sprayed soapy water on all the welds and seams of the tank. NOTHING!!!

idk it seems odd.

you check your pressure switch? and how much soap are u useing? only use 3-4 drops per bottle too much soap can cause it not to bubble around a leak as quick

For what? If you mean leaks, there are none.

well if air isnt staying in your tank its going somewhere… i would put a shut off valve on the input and output of your tank and check it to see if it hold pressure… another thing is have you checked your airline? there could be a small puncture or spot where it has rubbed a hole on it

does it ever get to max psi? id spray again on everything that connects that isnt electrical

It does reach the point where the pressure switch turns off the compressor. And, I replaced the air line already even though there were no leaks. Still no leaks.

put a cap on the tank port that connects the air hose to the horns and test it from there

Check the drain cock, check valve on braided hose line, disconnect hose line from tank and run the compressor and feel for air coming out of the hose.depending on what type of compressor you got (series) it should be around 1-3cfm.

Wish I could but now I have to see if I can get the compressor fixed again. It is no longer airing up the tank.

the compressor should be fine it has an overheat killswitch, give it a cool down then try it again

It did not kill it. It just keeps pumping with no output. And, every time I start running it to do more testing I keep a cool fan running over it to keep it from getting hot.

Have you checked the head of the compressor where the leader hose is attached?
Overtightening the fitting may have cracked the head.

Have you inspected the check valve in your leader hose to ensure that the check valve is functioning properly?

Have you checked the intake (filter) hole in the compressor to be sure that there is no air coming from the compressor from the tank? I use this method:

Get a 2x2 inch square piece of plastic wrap.
Remove filter assembly
Smear vaseline on the front cover
Cover hole with plastic wrap
Look for air escaping which will inflate the plastic wrap or blow it off the intake hole.

If it does - you’ve found your leak. Repairing this requires a new leader hose and/or an intake valve. If the compressor is less than one year old, ask Hornblasters to inspect the unit under warranty.

Wish I could but now I have to see if I can get the compressor fixed again. It is no longer airing up the tank.

Install a new compressor. Upgrade it while you’re at it.

YOU DA MAN!!! I tried to check before to see if air was leaking out the intake side of the compressor but I was checking at the end of the extension hose (I have the intake hose running from under the truck to the inside of the bed which is covered). I did what you said about taking that off the compressor and using the plastic sheet. It is leaking back into the intake. THANK YOU!!! I hope getting an intake valve will solve my problem. Maybe I’ll order two.

glad you got it fixed