Help - home install?

Can anyone help me with detailed instruction on how to install horn in my home?

Sorry if posted I tried search on phone with no success.

I live in rural area where home has been burglarized several times. I have a relative who lives down the road and my hope is the horn would be loud enough to hear from there. Regular home siren cannot be heard at gate from home and by time sheriff shows up the thieves are long gone.

If you can help I would appreciate tremendously.

I have little knowledge of the installation process.

Thanks so much.


What I would actually recommend is grabbing a siren and not a train horn. These things are meant to run in 120-240V, are incredibly loud and can be hooked up to timers, which can be tripped by security systems.

A Federal Signal Model 2 siren would be plenty loud enough to hear down the road (I can hear the one in my town 3 miles away) and you can even grab a 120v version.

Sign up here and ask around for a bit.

If you have a home security system it would real easy to set up a train horn for your house. Just purchase a home or shop air compressor, run a line to you an electric solenoid and then to the horns. Hook the solenoid to your siren output on the alarm and presto.

Even simpler, use a switch and a trip wire and a small transformer to power the solenoid. The possibilities are endless. The only thing you have to work out is how you want to trigger your air solenoid/valve.

The biggest issue you’re going to have is how long you can blast your horns for. You’re going to need a big air receiver to keep it honking for at least a minute or two in order to scare off any potential burglars. Big air systems start costing big bucks. As said above ^, I think a good siren is probably a better choice for cost/performance alone, but a K5 mounted above the door would be one heck of a shock to the system of any potential burglar if you’re caught underneath it :slight_smile:

I would LOVE to hear a K5 wired to an alarm for a house or even a commercial building :smiley: you would need to use a scuba tank with a regulator hooked up to a solenoid then to the horns. It would work :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for the replies,I finally have a few days off and will have some time to dive into this project…

Again thanks for the input, it is much appreciated.

I will letcha know how it goes.