Help me find install points on a 97 f150

So I bought this

and I’m having trouble finding a mounting point. The horns are so damn big. I found a spot just right in front of the differential but its directly above the exhaust. Does anyone think this will be a problem?

Also I think I’m going to have to just put the air compressor in my bed in a corner and simply make a custom sheet metal shed for it.

What do you think? Any better ideas? I want to avoid removing the spare tire too.

what car u have??

oh sorry men there must be a lot of free space in that car u can not separate the horns right?

like it says in the title. 97 f150 and no I can’t seperate the horns.

what about where its the spare tire? there should be fine

i dont wanna loose my spare.

with a F-150 if your not bagged you should have good ground clearance so slap those horns to the inside frame rail pointing back wards so those bells don’t load up with road dirt (used to have same horns) pointed forward when I went to k3’s pulled the old ones out the bells were loaded with road dirt.the compressor your best bet is in the bed.may want to check behind the rear wheels and see if you have a empty pocket aft of the leaf springs you can mount them up side down if you make an adapter mount to attach the horn mount to.:smiley:

I would go with a entire in the bed setup, put your compressor in the corner and then the horn mounted in the bed off of the side or on the actual bed. That would look sweet. Unless you utilize your vehicle like as a work truck then there might be a problem.

there should be a cavity of space between the bed side and frame rails on the passenger side.

i had a set of those on my 97 f150 i had them on the passengers side outside the bedrail facing forward infront of the rear tire