HELP. Only one horn is working

I bought the S600 Z3 fullsize train air horn kit. I have installed the horns, air compressor, and tank. It is all wired up, BUT, only the large horn with the sulinoid is working. I have the large horn on the driver side, and the other 2 horns on the passenger side underneath my suv. It seems like the other 2 are not getting any air and all the air is going strait to the large one. Does it matter if the trumpets are seperated? The Sulinoid is connected directly to the large trumpet. Would adding air tubing between the 2 make it work?
PLEASE any help would be great. Thank you very much.

If the valve is connected to the large one then the only horn getting air will be the large one, you need a manifold to disperse the air to all horns

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Ok i purchased a kit so why would it not already have that? I am new at all this so what exactly is a manifold? The valve your talking about, is it the sulinoid?

is this the kleinn s600 kit?

you need to keep the hoses as short as possible between the horns otherwise it just blows through the large one.

Yes that is exactly what I have Klein S600. That really sucks. What would you reccommend I do since it is already installed like this? It seems I would have to take everything apart and reinstall. Which it already cost me $400 to install. You seem pretty knowledgeable to please any help i would greatly appreciate.

basically you need to set it up so that the hoses are as close to equal length as possible to all the horns.

the standard hoses are quite small for the size of the horns so if one diaphragm starts moving before the others then all the air will run through that horn. i ended up replacing the hoses and fittings with larger diameter ones

is this the kit you have?

Nope, it is this oneā€¦

ok, so it looks like the only difference is the tank/compressor setup you have so what i said above should help.

basically you need to replace the brass block that fits between the solenoid and the large horn with one that has fittings for three hoses instead so that you can run hoses to all three horns

so the same as brians diagram above really!