Help please!!!

I have the hornblasters conductor’s special 548, with the HornBlasters Shocker Classic 1/2in Valve Upgrade Kit, and running a 200 psi Pressure Switch… And I have noticed when you first honk them they make a loud squeaking sound… Is this because I am running them at 200 psi… I just bot a 150 psi Pressure Switch today will it fix this problem???

200 psi is to high, run them at 120-140 and they will sound great and last alot longer!

You don’t need a 150psi pressure switch to try honking your horns at 150psi.
If you have a gauge (you should) just let air out of the tank until you have 150psi. You can either do this by releasing the safety valve or honking.

It might be best to give Hornblasters a call.

I talked to Hornblasters about this a couple of years back. Although some people have done it, their advice was NOT to subject the Shocker horns to 200psi. It’s not only a question of durability, but also performance.

The diaphragms are relatively small in those horns and start to by-pass high pressure air without vibrating at their optimal frequency - that’s the squealing sound you can hear.

If you do a search and use the words shocker and squeak there are some informative threads.

Thank you for all the info. I just got my HornBlasters 110-150 Pressure Switch w/ Relay in the mail today. I will let you know if it fix’s it thank you everybody…

I installed the new switch today, And it still making the loud squeaking sound. it seems like after u press the button couple of times the sound goes away… I will post pics of how my setup is setup. may be you guys can see something wrong.

I think it is the drain cock… every time i touch the bottom of it it seems wet.

Here are more pics…

How long did you run this before lowering the psi? I wonder if the diaframs are already worn?

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When they were at 200psi, They were on quarter inch line and stock valve. This is my first time honking them with the 150psi switch and xl upgrade

Here are a couple threads.

So it’s a new valve? Are you sure it’s opening all the way? Are there any kinks in your airline? Are all the horns sqeaking or just 1 or 2?

If you do some reading, you’ll find a few of the reasons why they might sqeak. If there is something wrong with the horns, you’re going to have to call Hornblasters.

I just bot the new wing nut style drain cock, And new shocker horns… I will let you know if this fixes the problem…