Help please!!!

I’m new to train horns and need some basic tutoring please. I’ve heard about 6 different train horn setups and I think I like the sound of the K5 horns but I’m not sure about what the different bell descriptions and sounds are. Visually I’m pretty sure I want either a K5HL or k5LA setup respectively. Would someone school me on the differences in the bells and about raised letters verses non. What are the pro and con of getting older model horns compared to newer model?

When someone says “K5LA” or “K5HA”, it’s a basic description of the horns.

K = the bell type
5 = the number of bells (horns)
H or L - refers to the type of manifold the bells are attached to … “H” is the high profile manifold while “L” is the low profile.
A = the bell tuning. “A” in this case refers to American tuning, or the chord the bells combine to make when blown, as each bell has it’s own note (combining notes = a chord).

Now in some cases you’ll see “K5LL” or some other various combination of letters and numbers, and they do have a meaning.

K5LL or K5LLA - Canadian tuned K5 on a low profile manifold, known to be on Amtrak engines

K5LAR24 - K5 on a low profile manifold, American tuned, with the #2 and #4 belts pointing in the opposite direction (aka, reversed).


Thanks Kris! That’s exactly what I was looking for.