Help us and win a shirt!

Ok so we’ve got all sorts of new code on Hornblasters that we’re working on to build some new super customer experience, blah blah blah… here’s the problem. The site keeps crashing… we’re encountering “Stack Overflow” error messages that will pop up when browsing some pages and then say “stack overflow” now to diagnose these properly we need to know exactly what browser you’re running whether it’s IE, Mozilla, whatever, and exactly what pages you’ve clicked to make it happen… We need to know what page you were on, and what page you clicked. if you can find a stack overflow message on our site and can tell us how you produced it We will send you a T-Shirt! Free!

This actually goes for any errors you find on our website in the months of Feb or March. Think of it as a really crummy scavenger hunt. If you find a stack please notify Tiernan on here or email Tiernan at Thanks!

which browser do u get it on the most? ill start with that one…im good at trial n error

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haha PM sent to Tiernan.

I figured something was up, I was getting alot of “Stack Overflow: 480” errors a couple days ago while pricing out some stuff.

I’ll PM Tiernan to tell him which pages it was …


I use IE and haven’t seen that message.

any errors? =) heres one thats been bugging me for a while…

States my truck is a GMC Sierra 1500…

My truck is clearly a Dodge Ram lolol

Your link comes up “webpage cannot be displayed”

it is for me too now… says Fatal error: Call to undefined method content::ipAimsigh() in /srv/www/hornblasters/www/_library/hb2/hb1/content.class.php on line 30

ok its working how… i dunno but im still a gmc lol

still dont work for me…

not working for me either

Just fixed it, what year is your truck?