HELP with express 840 kit please!

I’ve just picked up a Serbian 840 express kit from a friend who had it on his truck.I found the wiring diagram on a website for the kit that has WOLO triple horns. Everything is wired up just like the diagram but when I hit the pressure switch I have no horn but just hear the silonoid click on the horn? The silonoid has two yellow wires coming from it…one goes to the battery with a inline fuse and the other wire goes to the pressure switch which is then to a ground. Bad silonoid? Lost!

Welcome to the forum. Sorry, I’m unfamiliar with that system but somebody will help.

Thanks for the welcome!

If you hear the solenoid clicking then it should be working, it just sounds like there is no air getting to the horns. What kind of tank and compressor if it has one?

Its a turbo compressor with the 5-1/2 liter tank …

Does the compressor fill the tank?

I believe so…I know the horns were getting air because I didn’t.wrap the thread on the air line to the horns and air was leaking out. I fixed that problem and still no sound. I can’t say exactly how much the tank is filling tho

If you can hear the solenoid clicking then it is opening, it sounds like it isnt building any pressure. How long does the compressor run for, I tried to find some info on your kit but couldnt. Would you be able to send me a link to the kit you are using?

On this site is where I found my wiring diagram. The first set of black horns are mine and the first tank and.compressor shown.

The compressor should run for a while and then shut off automatically by itself once it reaches 110psi. If it’s not doing that then you probably have a major leak in your fittings or a fault with your compressor somewhere.

Air seems to be the problem…ill try at is again in the morning and let the compressor run longer and see if I’m.just turning the compressor off too soon.

Yeah, you shouldn’t have to turn the compressor off manually. That’s what the pressure switch is for. Looks like that kit uses crimp fittings for your air line (the plastic line going to the horns). They don’t generally like being undone and re-done without leaking.

Get a spray bottle or sponge soaked in some dishwashing detergent and some water. Spray that around any of the air fittings when the compressor is running and watch for bubbles. That’ll show you which parts are leaking.

I suggest you go buy yourself some replacement air fittings that run between the horn and the tank. Go for the quick-fit (push-in) type because they are better suited to having the hose removed and refitted.

Really weird! Checked all the air fittings and found no leaks? Compressor ran for about four mom and auto shut off…hit the button and still no.sound??? Just the silenoid click grrrr

Do you have a gauge on the tank? if not put one on. THat will take a lot of guessing out of it if you have pressure. If you dont have a spare port, put a T on the tank and make port into 2 so u have a spot.
Second thing is the solenoid facing the right direction? You should have an arrow on the valve to point in the direction to the horns.
If you have pressure inthe tank, and the solenoid is connected and opening , there is no reason it shouldnt be opening to let it out. I suspect your tank is not holding pressure or the compressor is not buidling pressure in the tank and could be auto shut off from thermo switch…???..
Only guesses tho until we find out if you actually have pressure supplying the solenoid.

Thanks for the advice! I’m going to have a guy look at the setup tomorrow (he wires police cars so should be able to atleast knock the wiring our of the question.) All error point to air tho…ill leu know what was the complication was after tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I would’ve just disconnected the air line from the horns, put your thumb over the end of the tube and let the compressor run for about a minute or so. You’ll know immediately if you’ve got pressure building in the tank and line leading up to the horns, in which case something is wrong with the solenoid or the horns.

Well thank u all for ur thoughts and help…I assume.something was blocking the air in the line because when I got to my buddies to look it over I was explaining the issue and tapped the button and what do u know…HORNNN! I was dumbfounded but it works now and ill blame no air as my problem. Happy horn now!

Try to remember that the cold of winter causes all kinds of issues.