Help with horns...

New to train horns but have always wanted one so finally trying to make it happen. Found this helpful site while researching and decided to join. Have a few questions about a set ya’ll might can help answer.

Found a set online, guy only says they are airchimes. Anyway to tell from the picture? Also how much do you think they are worth? I can more than likely pick them up for $300.

A member on my truck forum said they looked like K5’s here are the specs for the K5 according to hornblasters…

I did some measuring on my truck in the spare tire area and all measurements are rough for now but pretty dang close.

Here is my truck for reference…

From crossmember to crossmember it’s 13 inches and length of horns are 16.25 but I’m not sure on the measurements for mounting bracket for the horns but Im guessing it is roughly 3 1/2 to 4 inches. Anyone know for sure? There is a 4 inch drop down from spare tire mounting plate to bottom of cross member so it could still work or another plate will just have to be welded on to mount the horns.

Next width of the horns are 29.75 inches. There are 37 inches from frame to frame so I’m good there.

Last measurement is the height of the horns. Horns measure at 9.25 height. From the current spare tire mount to the bottomish of the bumper is roughly 11 inches. If they are able to mount where it sits now without having to move the mount I should be good and you not see the horns from behind the truck. However, if I have to move the mount down any more than 1.5-2 inches it might get into seeing the horns territory.

What do you guys think? Seems like it could work and the horn not be visible. What do ya’ll think about it if an inch or two of the horns are showing? Just looking for opinions. Really leaning towards picking up a set of these though.

Thanks for any input.

Welcome to the forum, nice truck.

Yeah, it’s a K5 on a low manifold. 300 bucks would be a good deal.

So what are you asking the bracket dimension? Do you mean the diameter of the mounting flange? It’s 4"

Thanks man :shake:…I was told $300 wasn’t a bad deal at all, just wanted some confirmation it was a K5.

By your response I think what I’m asking the dimensions of is the low manifold so I know how far down the long horns in the middle are hanging down.

When you say mounting flange and it being 4" is that the diameter circle needed on my steel plate to attach the manifold to?

Thanks for the response!

Like ear2ear said . And $300 is a great deal.

Yes, the mounting flange with the bolt holes is 4" across.

The manifold is approx 4 1/8" tall.
The flare on a #1 bell is about 7 3/4" diameter.
When you put the #1 bell on a manifold the overall height from base of manifold to tip of the bell is 9.906" (by the math). That’s between 9 7/8" & 9 15/16".

I’m not sure where they got 9.25"…

I haven’t made a CAD drawing of the manifold, but here are the bells:

Thanks a ton for the info. I’m going to look into your diagram and measurements and see what kind of modifications I need to do, if any. I’m going to call the guy tomorrow and try and pick them up and then I’ll start gathering air parts to get them hooked up. Really appreciate the diagram!!

Good buy on the K5. Just keep in mind that unless you’re coming straight down onto the horns from the bed of the truck, you’ll have to run an elbow fitting from the manifold which will add at least another inch into your height calculation.

What are you planning for the rest of your kit (i.e. air supply and valve)?

Can you explain better what you mean about coming straight down from the bed of the truck? I’m sorry if its something simple, I know lots about lowering trucks etc but I’m a complete horn noob and might be thinking too much lol

There is room however between the bed and where that plate is so I’m guessing that would be enough room for an elbow.

What do you suggest for the rest? Was originally looking for two Viair 480’s when I was going to bag my truck so I figured I would continue to look for a really good deal on a set of those. Would a 5 gallon tank be sufficient for a tank? I have no clue on valve or line size, etc.

Unless there’s room for a tank underneath, what I meant by straight down was how you were planning on running your main supply line into the horn manifold. If your tank and compressors are going to be mounted into the bed of the truck then you’ll have to get it down underneath the car somehow.

Dual 480 kits are a good option, but also consider a single Air Zenith OB2 instead. They are a mighty little unit (best in class going by the specs and warranty) and anything better will set you back lots more cash.

Five gallon tank would be minimum for an Airchime. With the 5 gallon your pressure drops away too quickly to worry the horns, but if you go for a bigger tank then consider adding a regulator to avoid subjecting the horns to lengthy periods of air above 150 psi. Check out the hornblasters website for your options on compressor, airline, fittings, and solenoid because you can get it all in one hit from them (which may save you on postage). Run nothing smaller than 1/2" line all the way through from the tank to the solenoid and then to the horns. Consider a manual valve if you have the money (even just a ball valve) because the K5 especially just sounds awesome on a manual. If you just want the big bang approach, then opt for a top of the line SMC valve to ensure good flow and reliability.

I had thought about searching craigslist for a toolbox to put my tank and compressors in but that’s still up in the air, if I can’t get one cheap I’m going to mount the tank and compressor in another area. Tank size really depends on where I mount the tank I suppose and I will keep in mind what you have said about psi, regulators, and tank size.

I completely agree with you on the AZ units as a few bagged friends have them and they are great, however, I can’t justify the costs of them. I have someone I know with a lowriderdepot account so I can get the dual 480’s and other parts cheaper that way than hornblasters, I will explore hornblasters site and weigh my options though.

I have a few SMC valves and possible 1/2" line around my house left over from my roommates bagged build so I’m guessing that would work as far as valve wise. I think I’d rather just a simple push button for now and then explore other options later if I am unsatisfied.

I had about 9 gallons feeding my k5 and always wanted more.

IMO, I would try to fit an 8.5 or 10 gallon tank for a k5. Of course, that puts you into dual compressors if you’re going by the book. (warranty)

Several people have done toolboxes with a 12 gallon tank & 2 compressors.

Yeah I hear ya, but I didn’t mean dual OB2. A single AZ compressor will be on par with the dual 480s on performance and going on average list price comes in $17 cheaper than the Viair kit and has double the warranty. If you end up choosing a big tank you can always add another OB2 later if you don’t want to splurge on the dual kit. Once you go for the 480s you’ll be more or less stuck on that unless you completely replace both units.

I made a chart a while back which gives you a good overview of the different models. If you haven’t come across it, check it out for options…

Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t really think that the 5 gallons would be enough but wasn’t really sure. Any reason you were wanting more? The 5 gallons go fast when using the horns?

Great chart for sure1 Thanks!..I’m going to shop around and see if a friend or two can get me a wholesale price on the AZ, if not I’m going to bite the bullet and get the dual Viair 480’s.

Once again, thanks for the help guys :shake: I’m sure I will think of a ton more questions. Waiting on the guy to get back with me on the horns. If he backs out I have another lead on some for the same price.

It was 9ish gallons at 200 psi and it seemed pretty quick. It was unregulated and had huge airline. If I blipped it a couple times, the tanks were already below 150. I was never able to do a full satisfying runby.

I haven’t ran my new tank yet, but it’s 14 gallons @ 200 psi regulated somewhere around 110-125 psi.

Thanks for all the info :shake:

Guy sold it before I could meet him but said he might have another in a few weeks so I guess I’ll see. Using the money I had to pick up some leather seats tomorrow.

Opinions on some of the hornblasters shocker horns, etc? Since the K5 is so big to mount what are the opinions of the hornblasters that will fit behind the grille, etc? I know they aren’t going to be as loud as a K5 but I’ve never heard shockers or anything and want some thoughts.

Horses for courses as they say. You want real train horn sound, then you’ll only get it with the genuine article. That said, the Shockers are insanely loud and I don’t think there’s ever been anyone here who was disappointed with the performance of those horns. They’re a lot easier to mount too. Check out some YouTube clips and although it won’t give you a true perspective it at least lets you find out the difference in how they sound. One of my favorites is this one:

That video is great. You can definitely tell the difference and those K5’s are amazing. The horn blasters are loud though for sure. It just seems the hornblasters might be the better option for me for the time being with mounting options, etc. Mainly was jumping on the K5 I found because of the cheap price.