Help with motorcycle air suspension

I purchased a motorcycle with an existing air suspension system and recently “fried” the compressor. I ordered a Viair 97c as a replacement from Blasters but I’m having an issue and not sure where to start troubleshooting. The bike appears to have an slightly modified Arnott system but instead of a switch it was installed with a Pilot remote key fob to power the compressor on/off and inflate/deflate the shock. I figured I would ditch the remote and convert over to a switch when swapping the compressor so I purchased a SPDT toggle switch and a relay to as shown in the attached schematic. I kept the existing fuse and distribution manifold as I assumed they didn’t need to be replaced.

This is all new to me so I did a quick splice job using electrical tape in order to test everything before making the final connections. I want to say everything is wired correctly but I obviously have a problem as I cannot deflate the tank using the switch. It inflates fine so I have no issues there, but I can’t park the bike on the kickstand when it’s aired up or it will tip over.

I know it’s a stretch but I’m hoping someone might be able to offer some tips. I would also love to know if it’s a quick change to re-wire the switch so it can only be operated when the key is in the ignition. I don’t want anyone walking by having the ability to flick the switch and raise the bike.


The air manifold for lowering is just an inline solenoid with two wires right? so it just needs 12v on one wire and ground on the other to open up. Take the wire off the switch going to your solenoid and test you’re getting 12v on it (when switched to lower the actuator). If you have then test the solenoid by hooking directly into 12v to see if it opens. Make sure you’re not splicing a positive into your negative line - I’m kind of suspecting that’s what you’ve done.

Welcome to the forum. I agree with DBO.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try and check this later tonight. I thought I marked the wires when I originally cut them but I didn’t so I had to guess as they are not labeled coming off the manifold and both wires are black.

If it is a bad manifold/solenoid, any recomendations on where I can purchase a replacement like the one shown in the diagram? The vendor is reluctant to sell individual parts and I’m not going to purchase an entire kit.

Thanks again.