Help with my ride please.

I want to install some train horns and have no idea which kit to get. I have little room under hood. I have lots of room under truck. Any help? I cannot find a pic of where the spare tire goes behind the rear axle under the bed. I figure the compressor and tank can go there.

someone else on here has a truck like that, i think it was user the bugs life.

this guy

His link in his thread does not work. Do u remember where he installed the horns?

no send him a PM.


Here’s one:

Thanks for the help. But I cannot put horns up there. I am supercharged and have a second radiator for the intercooler. Also have traction bar where the compressor is in that pic. The compressor and tank will not be a problem. The horns are the problem.

Ahhh I see the pulley in your 1st pic - Nice!

Somebody had an install where the horns ran along the frame.
Like 2 facing forward stacked vertically & 2 facing rearward stacked vertically.
All the backcaps & fittings were in close proximity.

Not sure if that makes sense…

Yes it does. I am on the borderline of installing this. Too many stories of people throwing rocks and bricks at the train horn offenders. LOL.:eek:

Don’t worry about that. I’ve everyone I’ve honked at has loved mine once the initial shock subsides.


Just dont honk close to home… you good lol

LOL. What if the initial shock does not subside? LOL. :slight_smile:

Agreed. Kind of like my stereo systems that I have and have had in the past. You don’t roll down your street blasting. It is just common sense.

Gas pedal!

I noticed that a sharp 1/2 second honk is the best scare. Any longer or multiple honks and a crowd of people will actually start the cheer. weird human nature

I find any longer then the 1/2 second people just stand frozen. With a K3 they cheered.

Exercise a little caution with these and you’ll have years of fun. I have had a vehicle for 5 years now with horns and never got into trouble.

Sounds like Discovery Channel, it’s interesting…