Any one have any ideas on how to wire up my Compressor up to in my 03 mustang gt? I thought i fount a fuse (#9) but don’t know what color it is?

What brand and model #? Where did you buy it? Did you check the manufacturer or supplier’s website for a wiring diagram?

I have the Shocker Classic 228VX Train Horn Kit and got it from horn blasters. I also did cheack the books for my car and it doesn’t tell me the color of the wire to wire it up to. Or i just need a wire that can hold it.

I would personally run a power wire from the battery, its even easier if you already have a system. Then I would find a suitable remote wire. A horn install is very similar to installing a sub and amp

Run a heavy wire from the battery to a relay… If you have a stereo system with a remote wire when the stereo is on, you can possibly use that for the relay… I’m not sure what kind of voltage/current they push through to the amp.

If you don’t have a stereo I would use the stereo fuse under the dash… I don’t remember what I used on my '04 GT, however, I also had a rocker switch in it… I ordered a convertable switch online and used that as a “Backup” for the horn activation. So basically that switch had to be turned on before the horns would work… You can see my install in the gallery… Its the Red Mustand that is facing toward the camera.