hey from Brunei

hey guys. looking to get a set for myself but i’m still undecided on which one i should get. currently trying to get a few of my friends to do the same heh

welcome to the site…
whats ur price range?

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thanks guys.

scaredo, 2 to 4 hundred bucks i guess. i don’t really wanna get a big tank, just something short, sweet and loud.

Around the 400 range i would suggest http://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?item=HK-S4-V228 and when refering to scaredu hes now known as the godfather lolol



haha version…
yea thats an awesome setup for ur price range…

If you want a kit we will hook you up. If your buddies buy in with you they can get a good deal as well. Just give us a ring and we will get you taken care of.

i’ve been trying to convince my friends for the past 2 weeks but none of them share my level of insan…enthusiasm. looks like i’m gonna be the only one :frowning:

so where do i go from here? :smiley:

well after u get it, and start havin soo much fun scarin people, im sure ur friends will jump aboard…