Hey From DETROIT MI!!!

i never really introduced myself, i am sean from Detroit MI.
i have been a huge fan of hornblasters since 2006?ish
i ordered my first set a year ago and had them installed on my 2004 corolla.
then after selling them because of family and money problems i bought another bigger louder 200psi set up (thanks to Matt and rick aka 98snakeater).
then i sold the corolla and they are now in my 2003 Mustang GT with a full switch panel system running an HB4H, OOGA, Wolf Whistle, Mac horns, and soon to be a good old K5.
i have been out representing hornblasters in and around the Detroit area at many car shows and cruises including the world famous Woodward dream cruise where i got pulled over for the first time ever using train horns.
you will find me every SAT night out on WOODWARD AVE cruising and dragging with my buddys.
be sure to check up on my youtube, many vids to come.

Yes that says hornblasters on the side of the scoop and the windshield, painted red to match.

chuck under the Videos section for my videos posted!

nice car!
welcome to the forum…

Nice & Welcome!

Do you know Mikey Rogers and Jason Wood by chance? :wink: