Hey from Tampa

I may be new to the forum but not to train horns. I started out with the 200psi conductor set with the 3 gallon tank. I have upgraded since to K5 with a 15 gallon tank. There have been times I’ve honked the horns with the conductors set and people haven’t jumped but everytime i honk the K5’s, everyone jumps. Im glad to see a forum that i can post my scares on.


Cant wait to see them and here them… Welcome to the site…

If you check out my profile, it shows a pic of them the day i got them. I cleaned them up before putting them on.

Nice… I like them…

Sweet Strories to come GREAT!! and Welcome to the foum!

Sounds awesome, I have heard the k5 many times and it still gets me!

haha same thing with me! i had to upgrade to the k5la!! so now no one is safe…haha