Hey guys, long time no see!

Good to see some of the older guys are still posting.

Ive upgraded from the cobalt to a 13’ Ford Focus ST.

I still have my setup with the shockers in the garage, they might be going back in sometime soon.

Welcome back and that’s a really sweet looking Focus! Nobody would suspect hearing train horns from that…LOL

Hey Brizz! Welcome home again lol.

Nice motor!

I got a customer over here with an Bright green ST, he has K5’s fitted on it. All Horns mounted on individual mounts, the man is a complete lunatic lol lol, I’ll try and find some pics.:smiley:

Sweet ride!!

All done!


Damn, Brizz … where you been hiding?

Glad to see you back, and that’s a nice ride (for a Ford ;))


cool, man