Hey guys

Been a long time. Have been real busy with the new job. Workin 70 hrs a week at 22 an hr :). So hows every one been and whats new?

Nothing’s really new, everyone’s still horny lol Gonna stay around longer this time? haha

Yeah welcome back aaron…

welcome back Aaron,whatcha doing for $22.00 @ hr?

Being the president of the united states…somebody has to run this country…obviously old bush wasent doing his job thats why we are still in iraq and afghanistan for what…dang suddam huessin is already dead…what else…i really dont think we will catch osama bin ladin…but yet over and over my buddies are dying everyday for no reason…

maybe the war was a mistake and hopefully you’re proud of your buddies but I’m not sure they’re dying for nothing.

I’m proud of them and hate to see any of them die too, but in this world today if they weren’t there, they would be somewhere else and probably in harms way as well.

sup aaron… ive been workin my donkey off as well! but i still find time to post somehow! no excuses…lol jk

no one MADE you join the army did they?

welcome back Aaron and pray you don’t get sent to a remote location where they don’t have internet.

Some people don’t have a life, sounds like you do…keep up the good work…

Yep just been workin my donkey off bros. I work down at the docks off of Lake Erie at a ship yard as a welder doing weld repairs on ships. Hope you all had a good christmas talk to you soon.

welcome back bro