Hey Hey

just registered, first post
got all the gear ordered just need to get it all in and on the rig

5 gallon tank
Dual 480c

my system is also going to run my tow bags, and a four tire air up hose im going to make
everything all mounted under the back in spare tire spot, with remote filters into the cab where the tool kit and jack are, and air quick connect somewhere near the back by the rear bumper

pics will be up hopefully by next weekend

bump so my sig pic will be on for reference :cool:

nice man welcome to the forums!




How will you monitor each tire’s pressure if filling all 4 at the same time? Is this a form of CTIS (central tire inflation system)?

nice truck…welcome to the forum!




no much simpler i just have a quick coupler in the back and a made a hose system like this

Not bad, is there a way to chose which tire is being shown on the gauge? If not, then how do you know if one of them is low?