hey matt - dual 400c air pump kit

I’m looking at the dual 400c airpump kit, I see the parts and have a question , to the right of the 2 relays is that the pressure switch? can’t quite make it out.just want to be sure.also if I puchase the kit today will it go out tomorrow with my 20 tank? john:cool:

Not directed at me but, it is a pressure switch next to the two relays. Its a 110/145. Also UPS doesn’t ship on Sundays so the earliest you would receive it would be Tuesday.

SORRY BOUT THAT TIERNAN. thanks for the info.ordered the kit about 3 hrs ago. hopefully they can go out with the 20 gal tank on monday(maybe):cool:

NP. They should if the tank hasn’t shipped yet. Feel free to PM any of us with your info to check on orders

thanks bro! I ordered all the stuff after you guys closed friday so it should go tomorrow hopefully! :cool: