Hi again all

The Milster is back,

Sorry I have’nt been on in a while as alot has happened since my last visit.

Sold the Supra, bought a Lexus Soarer 1jz gte sold my house, moved and most importantly of all found my soulmate and married her.

After buying the Lexus I didnt have that much planned to be honest but if you knew me I went mad as usual. I went to town on her, she got stripped and resprayed back to show room condition and fitted new alloys (Finichi’s), leds so forth and so on. I will post up pics soon once I’ve downloaded and sorted through them.

One thing left to do as now I’m finished is to fit the horns but I remember in the past a woman on hornblasters fiited her’s behind the front bumper and was wondering who that was to get some tips off her to how.

So, awesome catching up and speak soon.


welcome back

Welcome back, thank you for the pleasant announcement. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back

Congrats on the wedding & welcome back!

Thanks all for the welcome back…

Yes, welcome back and congratulations.

The woman might have been “honduhh”. She’s posted more than any other women on here.

Thanks buddy I’ll check it out…

Now as amazing as honduhh vid is, I managed to find the Soarer lady aka Acolyte and here is her vid,


Nice Pics???