Hi guys,

Just wanted to say a big hi from the UK.

I got inspired about three years ago by Hornblasters.com and invested in my first set of horns. They arn’t as loud as some I have seen on here, but the do the trick…Seige horns with a 120psi tank I fitted in the Frunk of the MR2.

I did have them on my Subaru impreza, but have not put them on my little less conspicus MR2…

I have just had some HORNBLASTERS.com Decals made up to go on the side of the car. I will post some pics up when they are on the car.

I’ll post up a clip off the horns in action in another section of this forum.




yes, welcome to the forum. it’s good to see more international interest.




I have some seige hammer 3 trumpets shoehorned under my 02 VW GTI. I have a cheap ebay compressor that was pushing 120 psi when I got it, I changed the press switch to a 110-145 and upped my tubing size to 3/8 and did away with they’re solenoid and installed an smc 3/8 from hornblasters.com, and those things are scary! They get the job done on a budget. I finaly got my first set of real train horns (leslie supertyfon three chimes) Now I have to buy a bigger tank, bigger compressor, bigger tubing, bigger valve. I cant wait to get these things working! Cant fit em under the gti though. Its good to here somone is scaring the hell out of people on the other side of the ocean. You guys have the best ales over there!!!

Thanks mate for the welcome & everyone else who posted! Funny enough I’m just drinking a nice Ale as I type. lol lol

I’m defo up for bigger & better horns now… Dont get me wrong, I love my horns!!!

My mate and I went out for a hornblast the other night… We were laughing so much we could hardly breath…

We did a guy crossing the road in front of the Albert hall in London, who ending up sprinting in mid air…

We done a woman on a bike…

We done a Silent protester sat outside a embassy, sat on the kerbside, who took the full brunt of the horns…

We done three blokes crossing the road in front of us…burb burb burb…we got chased us down the road…no problem till the lights turned to red!!! We drove off and in the morning we noticed hand prints on the side of the car where they were trying to hold on as we sped off!!!

Anyway… time for another beer… will post up a vid of a recent tunnel run we did…