Hi from the Midwest!

So glad to see you have a forum now! I got the Hornblasters’ Conductor Special 4-horn set last year. So Happy. I may be the only one around here to have one.

So far my horns have saved [our] bacon a couple times – mostly from being run over by semis on the highway.

I very very very seldom blow them around town in order to avoid notoriety and sometimes the temptation is SO strong … Had to learn how to barely wiggle the horn control to only get a little “wuff” instead of a loud “BEEP” to say hi to town friends, so as to preserve my ‘secret’.

My goal is to horn the Amtrack, get a reply and get it on film.

Thanks for the hilarious videos, too!


welcome! good to see not everyone uses these for their evil potential :smiley:

The temptation is so strong I just cant help my self. LOL.

ive only got 1 reply from a real train… and i was louder!! haha he only had a k3la…

but my truck is known all thru newark…haha ask anyone!
haha ask the police!
i scare everyone, everything, every and any chance i get… its soo bad that if i miss someone, i sometimes make a uturn just to scare em…LOL