hi pitch on hornblasters shockers

Just wondering if any of you folk’s have had the problem with the shockers? i have notice that when i went up on PSI one of the bells has a hi pitch to it? any sugestions. sound fine at 145. PSI ? it started when i went up to 175. psi. thanks guys.:D:D

What is this black screw you speak of?

Sorry ment to say (back screw) on the back cap of the horns, this places pressure up against the diagpframs inside.

Hmmmm mine used to squeak every now and again… Contact Hornblasters if it continues!:wink:

mine used to make a “squeak” sound, my line was getting kinked…

Please, do not mess with your tuning screw, you will void the Lifetime warranty.

If you have the XL kit, the horns should not be ran above 150psi. This is surely your problem.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.

Happy Holidays!!

yea ill go back to the 145 psi switch. i do have huge selenoids with 1/2 line running to each set. thanks