Hid kits

I know some of you have hid kits and i was wondering how to do it? Is it just original power wire to ballast, mounting ballast. run wire from ballast to new hid bulb which should fit in stock socket… I have read that 6000k is the recommended color/bulb is this true…please help

Hid kits are now just plug and play. Consisting of a harness, bulbs and ballasts. 4300 is optimal color. 5000-6000 is white blue. Any higher in the kelvin range and your loosing to much light.

What vehicle are you putting them on. I can give you more info.

I dont want to get kicked off here so I wont offer my kits, but I can tell you who has good kits for decent pricing. And what to watch for.

I have a kit, but if you want to do it right you could do a retrofit. It’s more expensive but you won’t blind oncoming motorists by putting a HID bulb in a halogen reflector housing, plus the light output will be way better and more directed for even better illumination.

Well im selling my titan soon and the hids will go on a 04-08 f150 tell me where to look farmer… hondaguy you mean the right way is to get projectors? My buddys girl had a new mercedes that when you turn the lights on its like they flip out of their housing project light skyward at about 20 degrees and then self adjust back down to level(its pretty badas$)and they will also point the direction you are turning even just sitting still.


the 4300k is the brightest and the one will give you more out put, right now i have a
55W HID Kit 8000k and i love it here is a vid.


nice thanks

this is what hondaguy is talking about…heres my cady
stock reflectors with HID KIT at 6000k

projector retrofit with HID KIT at 6000k

big difference

[QUOTE=lah33;15082]Well im selling my titan soon and the hids will go on a 04-08 f150 tell me where to look farmer…

I have found cheap projector housings almost everywhere. Projector is optimal, but if you dont care about the guy coming the other way just get HID’s.

What you need to watch for since your range of vehicle’s is drastic. Any single bulb for high and low make sure you get a kit that has a both HID. Not hid for low, halogen for high. They are junk. Look at v-leds.com They are my main supplier. If you don’t care about price go to xetronics.com. If you want a bargain kit go to autolumination.com.

But I will warn you, stay with a 35watt kit. 55 watts tends to melt housings. Since I have never tested hid’s on a f150 I cant tell you if they will or not.


hey try to get the new lincoln navagotor stock hid kit for f-15o thats what i did and no problems

i love my HID’s but i found projectors that I want but i cant use them because my HID’s are hi lo and literally move up and down

i wanna get those hi/low hid’s mine are just low but they are so bright!!!