highschool bleachers scare

:eek:today is my first whole day with my new shockers i wish i would have had a video cam i am gonna start making some vids with my friends camcorder… anyways at a highschool near me there was a football game going on with the bleachers of about 100 or so people watchin the game NICEY NICE … i came behind them on the street running right behind them 20 feet i laid it on heavy with a long *** honk i think i seen 50 or 60 people jump UP! a dozen people screamed i think i even heard someone swearing!! and then people who were parked on that street even started hoking lol … FUN STUFF…
… im going to have to get another compressor due to me using it so much … i had 3 cars move out of the way and pull to the side just about 20 min ago .lmao to much fun diffrent people diffrent reactions! a all the time fun gig! my friend wants a kit now.
special thanx to Rego. i called him a lot today asking him some questions and he was always more then nice…

50 to 60 people jump up hahaha thats just great… nice