Hit and Run caught on my Cruiser Cams

(From YouTube Description)

I was heading North on Orange Blossom Trail between Deerfield Blvd. and Stable Dr. in the middle lane when newer Nissan Altima driving in the left lane locked up his brakes and rear ended an older model Nissan Altima.
I heard the tires screeching and quickly pulled into the right lane to avoid getting hit.
The driver that caused the accident immediately crossed over the median and fled the scene heading South on Orange Blossom Trail.
The car that was hit gave chase and I went after both of them with my emergency strobe lights lit to see if I could at least get a license plate.
Both vehicles made a right turn heading West on Deerfield Blvd. and then an immediate U-Turn heading East on Deerfield Blvd.
I spotted the car that caused the accident heading in the opposite direction and crossed over the median in an attempt to box him in, but he got in front of me.
Once I got his license plate number (644 6GW), I pulled over, called the Police and made a report.
Since my vehicle is equipped with multiple surveillance cameras that record 24/7, I pulled the footage and uploaded to YouTube as soon as I could.
The first 2:25 shows footage being switched from camera to camera as the vehicles involved were in frame.
The footage from 2:26 to 5:27 shows all that was recorded from camera #1 (front facing camera).
The footage from 5:28 to the end shows all that was recorded from camera #3 (driver’s side view camera).
Since the side view camera is a “reverse” image camera, it shows the footage as it would be seen in a side view mirror, so it may look a bit confusing in the video.
Hopefully the Police are able to track this fool down and give him what he has coming to him.

Altima Hit and Run in Orlando - YouTube

I know it was stupid of me to go hopping medians and giving chase, but I just can’t stand to see arseholes like this get away…

Once I had the license plate, more traffic started to pile up, so I just pulled over and called the popo…

Nice job Snakey! and so many cool cameras.

Keep up the good work PI Snake Eater:D

Awesome footage hopefully they catch the prick that was running

Any news on the hit and run geezer?

Awesome system and good job for standing up for a stranger!