Hola, Lance from VIAIR...

Thanks for the invite Tiernan & Matt.

I look forward to added quirky advice from time to time.

Horn if you’re Honky! (Tha’s me!)

System/Horns Owned:
Hornblasters Conductor: (About 5 years old now)
K5LA Nathan Airchime: (Waiting for install with Conductor staying onboard)
Hornblasters Oogah Horn: (I still have no idea where to install it…)
Dual 420C VIAIR Compressors
Dual 2.5 Gallon VIAIR Air Tanks
Dual Quick Couplers

Welcome Lance! Great to have you on the forum with all your knowledge of the custom industry!

Very happy to have you on the forum! Can’t wait to see your new Tundra Install! HONK HONK HONK!