Holy Poop

Damn, I just finished the longest, most meticulous Install of my 30 or so installs. It Sucked, But it turned out good. The ens justified the means. Got the P3’s put under the Supercrew today, Took all day and a couple trips to a few different stores. But it turned out good, other than not using eye pro and burning the poop out of my eyelid almost my eye itself, But I am alive and well. Pictures soon to follow, I might need to get that clearance 480C to help it s brother out, Damn one 480 takes a while to fill a 8.5 gallon tank to 200, but my 2 did it in no time. So soon to be 2 480’s.

Nice! Can’t wait for da pix! I’m waiting for my 2nd 480C. Anything over 5gals requires at least 2 pumps.

I have seen people with 3 series Viair’s and like 20 gallon tanks. sure that lasted long

my 380c takes 15 mins to fill my 5 gal

It takes 20 to fill my 8.5 and like 5 to recover, my duels take about 11 and recover in about a minute.

thats why i want a EDC sooo bad!!

lol keep dreamin =P

Oh, boy a york would be sexy. what exactly makes it an air compressor and not an AC compressor anymore?

the clutch u put on it

Just have the clutch hooked to the pressure switch? can it handle 200 PSI?

the kit i want comes with this

Compressor electric clutch, belt, check valve, pressure relief valve, 110-145 PSI pressure switch, intake filter, oil/water separator, manifold mounting brackets, fasteners, all electrical and air fittings

Got a Link, I would like to look into this, But I need 200PSI.


im pretty sure they can do 200 psi

Thanks Bro.

they look like a/c pumps similar to what we use at Oasis. ours will go to 200 psi.
what is the oil discharge rate?
our pump can be used with an electric clutch and its discharge rate is 1 ounce of oil for 50 hours of run time.

I am not really down for the oiling deal, unless i get an hour meter for it.

get the Oasis XD3000. its control wires can be used with an hour meter.

I wouldnt go with an edc…i would go with an oasis, you are taking away a/c power from your truck