holy poop

saw today gas prices here are at $1.79!!

It’s 1.99 here in Statesboro and 1.87 in Augusta. I just fear it won’t be for long.

I think everyone is doing their best not to use gas unless its absolutely necessary. I leave my truck parked a whole lot more these days and pick between one of the motorcycles I own instead. My fuel usage has personally gone down from upwards of $200 a month to around $80 a month.

If enough people are doing this, the demand has to shrink to the point where gas finally follows the laws of supply and demand - something it has not done in a long, long time.

your correct lance & if pres Obama passes that bill it should take care of the shizithead speculators that were driving up the prices also.:smiley:

Funny thing though, I used to keep full tanks of gas in all my vehicles. That is, before gas prices went up to more than $4 a gallon.

Now, I only put gas in whatever vehicle I’m driving that needs fuel. Sometimes, it takes weeks for me to get around to filling any specific tank. Strange thing though, I doubt I’ll ever go back to keeping all tanks full anymore. I will use only what I need, and I refuse to keep more fuel on hand than I need.

I don’t even use a gas-powered lawn mower… out of sheer frustration over the cost of gas over the past year.

i paid 1.64 a gallon pasadena tx

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It’s still over $2 a gallon here in CA, damn those extra state taxes!

just went under 2 here… jersey still has cheapest gas ever…

Both my bikes take Premium… the truck gets regular…
Its still far cheaper to ride than drive…

Interesting, I’ve always heard in the past that jersey had about the same price as us.