Homemade PA system! (if you are on a tight budget and want to still yell at people)

I used a Old School Kenwood KR5200 stereo and a Radioshack 300 watt power Inverter and to play Icecream music I have my cellphone Mp3 player hooked Directly up to the stereo (I can toggle between Ice cream music or the mic) I had a Blast with this. Just want to know what you guys think.

This video explains it

This is after I upgraded it to a Power Horn From Radio shack! It is now alot louder!


Its not bad for the fact I only spent $27.00 on it!! I can play anything through it.

Thats so cool, I’ve always wanted to drive round the block playing the Ice cream van tunes and watch the kids all running out…pmsl:D

thanks for the great idea, downloading some ice cream truck music.

Where are you downloading it from? I want I want I want lol lol

Lmao!! That reminded me of family guy…with the old man trying pick up his vehicle tricked out like a ice cream truck…

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lol one sec, i made a vid of me driving in my yard with it, neighbor kids were laughing

try this place,


Thanks for the link, bro … time to torture my neighbors, and it’s not just the K3LA anymore.



damn wind made it sound quiet, but its actually pretty damn loud, gonna redo on my day off.

I’m completely amazed at the amount of songs with the word Ice cream…lol