hay yall its thunder
just wonted to say
ill be puting my
toys back on my
truck soon still
wating on my other
ride so in till then ill
be honkin agan soon. peace :wink:

Heck ya Dale! You should try and get blastin for the New Year!

hell ya just put the
finnle tuchs to my air kit just have to
get new wiring and
then its install time.

hay buy the way i
ben meaing to call
ya to order sum more HB stickers.

Haha glad youโ€™re still alive & kicking bud.

:smiley: hay Earman yup
Thunders back had
sum stuff goen on
but its all good
just got the wire
and other things i
needid for got 2
things lol ill be doing my reinstall
this weekend.

welcome back sir, glad your putting horns back on

its to be back thanks got sum
chach up to do ben
a good wile but
ya ill be doing the
reinstall tomarow
at my brother n
laws work shop
hes got a creeper
plus no wind :D.