Honk honk

Got my 480c installed today now i’m back in buisness i can honkie honkie long time

Kick donkey honky…

honky 4 life!

lol train horns save lives…

and stop the lives of the elderly =D


You people need help! lol…and so do I.

what do you mean " You People" huh!?!?!?

still havent seen tropic thunder… i need to tho
i should just download it


Hopefully eh meant all of us. :rolleyes:

racism is large on this forum eh? haha

damn right “boy”

stfu im a MAN :smiley:


u freakers are crazy!

you got that right.

how did the censor program miss the “f” word…lol?

fixed! :wink:


This post is going to everyone who was talking about how im gonna start a production of nathan airchime line of horns…its totally legit…think about it…how in the world did prime industries make the prime 990 and 920 when they were exacts of the rs3l an rs3k…??? It didnt say leslie on it but it looked exactly like it…and lets see the parts were all interchangeable…o yeah :slight_smile: :slight_smile: