Horn Blaster PA wiring install Question...

So I bought one of these: http://www.hornblasters.com/products/details.php?i=hornblasters-30w-public-address

Just I don’t really know how to wire it up. I just don’t want to connect the power somewhere that’s going to drain the battery or short something else, you know.

Where’s the best place to wire it to get power to it?

Its an 01 Tacoma, for reference.

Thanks in advance,


i used a constant 12v but i added a switch so i cut the power, or u can always add a relay using the same 12v source, ground and add a remote wire to something that only receives power when the ignition is on. and now you have a buttonless switch

there should be only 2 wires . a black and red

Do what brizzal said…use a switch to cut it off…
if it was me i wouldnt even use a switch… because in order to use the PA u must push on the microphone button. If u dont push on it it wont work… So i would just wire it strait to a positive and negative. ITS A PA>it will NOT drain ur battery… I HAVE A CB RADIO WITH 2 PA speakers and i leave it on 24/7

good luck

i had to put a switch, 3 days of my car sitting with the PA wired straight in drained my battery, thats why i added a switch. when the PA is on you can hear a faint static noise.

U serious the PA drained u batt? thats suprising… after hearing that i would add the switch

I just added a switch

Thanks man. Will probably go the relay route since I’d be annoyed with a switch. :stuck_out_tongue: