Horn Blaster Problem

Help! I’m new to this forum thing so I don’t really know what I’m doing. I have the Horn Blaster conductor special with 145 PSI- 2 gallon compressor. When I first had it installed it worked great. After about two weeks of having it stopped working properly. If I press the horn it has a short burst of the train horn then immediately goes to my stock horn. I can hear my compressor is cutting on, is it not holding air? Is it my trumpets maybe? I have no idea what it could be.

Your compressors cutting in regularly. Prolly means u have a leak in the system. Your horns will only see air when you hit the button. So it’s unlikey the horns causing issues there.

You can buy leak detector or use soapy water to find the leak.

Sounds like they have tapped into the horn button. It’s prolly a dodgey connection best bet is to find were they tapped into it and add another connection there.

Do you have a pressure gauge?

How or where do I check for leaks? I’ll check all the connections in the morning. I know the tank is filling up because I can pull the release valve and air comes out every time… a lot of air.

Use soapy water or buy leak dector on all your connections.

Thank you