Horn Blaster Sticker?

so when u guys gonna make one… id rather support u guys than make one :stuck_out_tongue:

I think they have one… But I am not sure if they do tho.

We have tons of really cool shocker stickers in all sorts of colors, I will have them up on the website by the end of the week. In the meantime, if anyone needs any just give us a call, we’ll have them up there for little or no money, it’ll pretty much just cost the shipping.

Matt I will pay shipping if you set me up with some more gear. My shirts and such are getting old. I would be eternally grateful if you send like a box of sticker and Shirts and what not. I have already given out 10 or so cards. It is great helping ya’ll out. I should become a master distributor.

I would also like some shirts. I was told when I got my set up installed to take some pictures and send a email back to hornblasters and a shirt and video would be sent to me. I tried this and the email would not go through? I still would like to do what ever it takes to get me a shirt at little or no cost. LOL. A little advertising never hurt anyone.

Here what I got from them…

listen pay the 20 bucks and go get one made… i think hornblasters is doing more then enough for all of us…

how much HP u get from all those stickers…lol jk

hey Bullet, I am the Hornblasters Sponsor for VirtualFord.org. Glad to have a brother over here. Tell rick(nvader) to join this forum.

i would put one on my cady, ive been thinking of putting a big one on the back window to warn others hehe

been there done that…
I will put a banner on there as soon as I get the time.

and the show truck.

looks good… now u need a trainhornforums.com one under neath…

Hmmmm!!! May need to get on that and get some made! :wink:

Sounds good to me.

If you guys pay the postage, I’ll send you stickers, and business cards, i used to be able to do this for free, but we’ve been SUPER slow lately. Just call us up M-F 10-6 at 877-209-8179 or 813-783-8058 for the bat line. Tell any of the guys that Matt ok’ed it for free stickers, just have to pay the shipping, I’ll throw in a hornblasters Coolie with any free sticker order as well. can’t beat that can you?

dude, i need more coolies…i had 2, my dad and coworker confiscated them…i miss them, theyd make my girl roll her eyes.

dont need stickers…how about coolie orders? :smiley:

u better take those stickers!!! lol

got all i needed already, got 1 on my focus and silverado…gf wont let me put them on her Mazda6.

no sense in asking for something i wont use.

put em wherever… on ur fridge, wall, center of ur dinner table…haha

my car is stickerless…