Horn blasters conductors special 540 kit

What does everyone think of this kit being bought from horn blasters? Is it good quality, is it worth the money etc…anyone have experience using this kit or know anyone with it? I’m looking to buy a train horn kit soon and would like some reviews on this specific kit. Looking to spend no more than $700. Any info or suggestions would be great. Email me at kevinhayyynes44@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum. Every post I’ve seen says it’s a great starter kit for the price with nice loud horns. You may want to add another compressor for faster fill times and eventually upgrade to a K3 or K5 as many do.

Yeah ive heard the k3 and k5 are ridiculously loud and reliable. So i could have two of the same air compressors hooked up to that single 5 gallon tank it comes with?

Hi and welcome. Yes you can hook as many compressors as you like into the one tank (obviously limited to your car’s ability to handle the electrical load and space) - it’s very easy using pneumatic fittings or any spare ports on the tank.

With regards to your first post, the Shockers are all the same regardless of whether you buy the starter kit (i.e. 228VX) or the top of the line like the 540. The horns are fantastic and have a lifetime warranty - so quality is awesome!

Where the kits start to differ is in the air supply (i.e. tanks, compressors, solenoids). The nice thing with the 540 is that you have five gallons of air (which is huge for a Shocker set), the 1/2" supply line and air solenoid, plus a fast fill compressor. That 540 is ludicrously enjoyable and all the bits are top notch. Buy from Hornblasters and you know they’ll be there to back you up with some of the best customer service out there even if something turns out to be wrong or broken. The kits have everything you need to do the install plus a guide etc etc. The only thing missing is a free set of steak knives :smiley:

If you’re looking at getting into train horns, then that kit will leave you grinning from ear to ear for a very long time! I can’t think of anyone here who’s bought a kit like that and came away disappointed.

If you buy the 540 and ever do decide to upgrade to a proper train horn (e.g. a Nathan Airchime) you already have all the parts required - no need to add anything apart from the horns. Of course a real train horns sucks a bit more air. The 5 gal is still good for a K3 but if you go for a five chime (especially the K5) you may find that you’ll want 10 gallons. As soon as you step up to that you need dual compressors unless you buy an Oasis because the single units are not designed to fill that much air. Anyway, if you use the horns a lot (or use air tools for example) you may find that you do want to change or add compressors or tanks to give you longer blasts and faster refill times.

LOL - ear2ear

I agree though, if you ever think you might upgrade to a K3, the 540 kit has a sufficient air supply.

If you want really fast fill times and the ability to do a lot more with virtually any size tank without using 5 or 6 Viair’s then get an Oasis compressor.