Horn blasters saying I have too much water

Hey all. I have sent my shocker horns back twice. Both being because they sound like gurgling water. After talking to hornblasters they are un sure on why I have so much water. Yes I’m in a humd state but so are they. And they don’t have the issues I do. I drain my tanks Daily if not twice a day. I do have about a 10 foot hose going to the tanks from my compressor. One guy at horn blasters says that’s fine you can extend the hose going to the tanks. And someone else at horn blasters said I have to have the short metal coating directly into the tank and you cant add any extra hosing. So i don’t know what the answer is. I did have my filter connected right to the compressor. They told me to move the filter inside the cab. So I recently did that. I have the compressor mounted under the hood in a dry area.

Also I have bought and gone through about 3 or 4 air/ water separators. For some reason they crack or leak air I’ve bought them at lowes and Home Depot. I had one set up between the compressor and the tanks. And another between the tanks and the horns. Yes I got water in the one between the compressor and the tanks but never any water between the tanks and the horns. Even with that setup I still had water in my tanks and the horns were still gurgling. One of the guys at horn blasters said I should only have one between the tanks and the horns. But Im thinking to myself I never had water get trapped in that seperater before. I’ve never had to drain it like I did with the other ones running between the compressor and tanks

Anyway i haven’t tested them with the filter inside the cab yet. I will be doing that this weekend. And right now I don’t have any water air seperaters in line because all they did was leak or break.

Any advise for this issue to stop. It’s embrassing to blow the horns sometimes because of the sound they make. It’s terrible… And horn blasters keeps telling me I’m distroying the horns because of all the water they keep getting in them

Thanks for any help in advance

How do you have the horns mounted? Could it be that they’re catching rain or water and then not draining perhaps.

Also… try posting a video of that ‘gurgling sound’ if you can.

I have them facing on an angle down wards towards the rear of the vehicle. I think I got a sound clip of them… Not a video. They sent me new horns so I don’t wanna try and doupicates the past

Sheesh - If you had:

  1. air/water separators before and after the tank
  2. no water in the separator between tank and horns
  3. horns mounted downwards
  4. horns facing rearwards


You have a pissed off neighbor or coworker that is shooting water up there to mess with you.
I dunno.