Horn Blasters


check out this video …

this motherf***** is stupid he needs a girlfriend soon!!!

i think his video’s are brilliant… watch the Con Korea video…, he’s just an annoyed person

i dont like him hatin on people who blasts their horns tho

wow his videos are annoying, all he does is ***** in all of them…

This guy is Random!!! Started listening but then found him boring, sorry dude.



That kid does not know what he is talking about. He needs to STFU. who doesn’t honk when someone cuts you off? lol.

probably him.

car companies put horns on cars for a reason. I would like to see how he reacts when someone cuts him off on the highway or when he is driving while he’s not having a good day. :rolleyes:

He’s probably one of those queers that would piss his pants and cry for mommy if he got blasted by a REAL HORN.