Horn+CB+other stuff, wiring questions

Hey all,

Searching these forums for the past year has been a great help in putting together a train horn. I’ve got everything I need, plus some other stuff I am adding/changing, and just had a few questions before I begin drilling and wiring. My setup is a Hornblasters Outlaw 232, and I additionally have a CB, PA, amp (for PA), and some underbody leds (a gag gift that I have fun with). I will be using five switches: 1) horn safety/kill toggle, 2) horn momentary button, 3) compressor toggle, 4) amp toggle connected to remote (so it isn’t on when I am using the CB), 5) led toggle.

Right now I have both the CB and LED’s connected via cig lighters, but I want to get everything connected (with fuses) to the battery. I will have four wires coming from the battery:

1)12 ga CB
2) 8 ga amp
3) 14-16 ga LED
4) 10 ga train horn

How would you recommend for doing this? I’m thinking a terminal block, but have no idea what are good/bad ones, and if differing wire sizes will affect things; wiring would be: battery (8 ga) --> block --> fuses on each leg. The LED’s I use so infrequently that I really am considering just splicing them off an existing 12V wire, probably with a fuse too. The others I feel less comfortable doing this with. Those with CB and audio systems, please chime in.

Here is my horn wiring schematic with my switches. Could someone confirm if this is correct? My changes are in red.


Welcome to the forums. I can help with compressor questions, especially Oasis, but these other guys can help with your install.

Is that just your user name or are you the MLB HOF pitcher?

Thank you. I am just a guy who uses his name as a user name (on several fora). I’m not not sure why this started, he’s one of my favorites, but there are many above him in my book, e.g. Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz.