horn delay

ok. so my horns have been in the same spot, hoses ran the same way, since i got it 6 months ago. i just got a new tank and comp ( 4 port 5 gal and a 460c viair comp) but for some reason now when i press the button there is about a 2-4 second delay between each horn coming on. wich was never an issue before. 2 are under one door, and 2 are under another. also, the 5 gal tank from full at 150 psi to completly empty only takes 19 sec ( i timed it with a stop watch) there are no leaks except the hose to the smallest horn, part of it was melted by the exaust because the zip tie that kept it out the way broke, and so it now has a hole, but i wouldnt think that would cause all this would it? help! i miss my horns (working correctly) :frowning:

Mate, long time no see…

When you hit the horn switch or stock horn…can you hear the solinoid clicking? best way to do this is empty the tank fully of air and turn the compressors off…then you should hear the solinoid click every time you hit the horn switch etc?

yea, i been besy with wedding stuff and had (kinda still have) mad spyware, anyway… yea, it clicks. infact, when i emptied the tank to time it from full to empty, i heard it clicking once it was empty.

Cool…but woz it clicking instantly or a slight 2/4 sec delay?


ok. so i whent outside to check the clicking and it seems right on time. but i hear a leak! i swear it wasnt there before. so i pulled out the old school and did the soapy water test. cant find the leak. what the hell!

Ok… a stab in the dark… if the solinoid is clicking ok and on time could it be that the actual gate part of it is sticking??? Leak??? WTFFFFFF…But I’d say your close… mate good luck I gotta go bed! soz:o

yes the internals of the valve could be sticking… you can open the valve up and clean it but be careful when you open there is a small sping in there and u need to make sure you put it back together exactly as you took it apart… I have opened mine many times… the actual part that moves in there is a rubber diaphragm if there was any trash in the air line this rubber piece could have been damaged or could have simply worn out or dry rotted

now there’s your problem. the hose might be letting all the air out rather than keeping pressure at the horn diaphragms so your horns might be running below 10psi or so. which can cause a delay for the horns to sound.

I would suggest to fix that hole before messing with anything else.

A good way to tell if your valve is leaking, if you have the parts, is to run a line from the valve output into some water (a bucket, cup, whatever really). If you see small bubbles you have a problem.

Is the valve getting full voltage? Low voltage, might be making it slow to open…

Check ur ground on ur solenoid make sure its tight and no rust on the area u have it screwed to. Had that happen on my buddys truck.