Horn for nightclub!!! Help :(

So I would like to get a great horn sound for my nightclub that is opening…


If you look at that video and skip to 1:03 secs, that is exactly what I am trying to achieve.

I am confused with all the options and kits, 150db or 170db budget is not that much of an issue but I want to make sure it is solid and proper like this club BUT NOT DANGEROUS lol

Nightclub is 80 ft long by 40 ft wide . . . Ceiling is 22ft hight and we will be mounting at the front of the room above DJ booth…

Can someone please point me in the right direction :frowning:

Which one should I get…

I could be wrong but sounds like a K3 to me. It’d be easier to get a shop compressor and a ball valve than to rig a car battery up and use onboard vehicle compressors I would think.

think about me as a really really slow kid…

I have no idea what you’re telling me to get right now.

Can you please forward a link and more information in regards to the K3



besides that, what else do I buy to make this thing work!!!


besides that, what else do I buy to make this thing work!!![/QUOTE

I think you want the Nathan K3 as it has the lower note that you hear in the video link. The K3la has A slightly higher note. I do hope you realize that if you put this horn in a small room and blast it, you could seriously hurt someones ears. Contact Hornblasters for what you would need.

It does sound like a K3la. But it could have been a different tune.The K3 used bells 1L, 1, and 2 (C D# F#), the K3L (extra low tuning) used bells 2L, 1L, and 1 (G# C D# - G# major), and the K3LL (extra low tuning) used bells 3L, 2L, and 1L (D# G# C - G# major second inversion). Also it can pass for a Leslie RS3L too they both have similar tunes but the leslie being a deeper note. Still cool to have in a club. But that looked like a huge venu. Betcha that rang a few chime to the dancers near by.


Turn the club into a hockey rink during the day and use the horn for goals, just like the professionals…hahaha.

I think it could be done, just restrict the airflow. You’d still get the sound but would reduce the db level.