Horn Question

Does anyone know what horns Union Pacific runs on their freight engines in Oregon? I’m thinking about a set of Nathan K5 horns but want that freight sound. Thanks

Thanks for that. I think the Amtrak trains are running the K5la set ups. Thanks for the reply.

I live around Oregon, some locomotives use this horn; K5 something. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_i-ZIvdGk4
The best sounding in my opinion

I know the freight trains (at least some of them) use the K3 horns.

The reason I know is that just this morning I was on very close in SE PDX at Stark having an horn conversation with a freight train. We sounded identical.

I run the K3LA on my Yaris.

yes, I just raised this post from the dead

That’s perfectly fine that you raised this thread from the dead. Now I know someone else with a train horn around Portland along with “EricCartman”

Video link above is the K5HL horn.

How much air do you have?

Do you ever horn up black friday Best Buys?
Near Portland airport and maybe 82nd locations? Would be lots of fun with a partner

I’ve been here (13644 NE Prescott Ct‎ Portland, OR 97230), sitting on Prescott, “having conversations” with trains passing by, that and HWY 14, Vancouver Wa.

I usually keep myself reserved for the jackasses on the road…and trains.

To answer your question on reserve, I have a 5 gallon tank that takes up where my spare tire originally resided.

I live in Sherwood and work in Milwaukie. The sound shop I “hang out at” is up in Vancouver. This Monday I’ll be up there tinkering with my next sound setup and trunk layout.

Ever try it in the hwy26 tunnel? How does it sound and echo?
(google 45.515562,-122.694468)

I haven’t had the chance yet. Most of my travel is on 205. I’ve gone through the Sunset tunnel more in Army vehicles than my own.

Can anyone tell me if 6mm air feed line will be ok for my k3la when they arrive ? And will a switch in my cab running to a air solenoid will operate them ok or will I need a leaver type ? Many thanks

1/2" OD airline minimum. If you’re staying metric, that would be 12mm.

6mm will not allow near enough flow.

A momentary switch for a solenoid valve works great.

Thank you for your reply, now I will have to sorce all the new size fittings for 1/2 inch line fittings ,:smiley:

Hey Dunc, cheers for the txt, shout me tomorrow & let get them K3’s sounding super fine!:smiley:
Think about a remote control, possibly, along with the K3’s one of the funniest things to fit! :wink: