Horn Quick Disconnect

Just purchase an old cast style Nathan P3 to put on top of my wakeboard tower on my boat but I’d like to be able to remove it easily for security. Has anyone ever come up with a way to make a temporary mount for a horn like this?

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. I still need to purchase the onboard air system so any help while I’m planning everything out would be appreciated.


If you use PTC (push to connect fittings), threaded into the inlet, all you have to do is pull up on fitting collar and it releases airline.

That’s a decent suggestion for the air lines without using quick disconnect couplers that restrict air flow but what about the horns?

Bolts and wingnuts thru the manifold?

I wouldnt make it to easy / quick to take off as once people hear it / see it you know someone is going to try and steal it… You cant be there all the time it is mounted …

I’d think hydraulic hose and quick release would work good. Being how a hydraulic system has to have hi flow valves and you could get a larger size to accommodate more valume of air flow. But I could be wrong.

I’m sure he means quick dismount of the horns from the boat not the airline.

I will upload a picture tonight or tomorrow when I get time. I made a 1/2 inch boatplug type setup, you will need a direct mounting surface with airline already hooked up to it and a round dampening gasket. The setup on our wakeboard boat doesn’t even budge when you lock the rubber plugs.

Correct, I’m talking about the horns themselves. I’m familiar with Horblaster’s push to connect fittings and will use those for the air source but need a way to quickly or at least easily remove the horn.

I have a welding set up and plan to fabricate my own bracket for the top of my wakeboard tower. Looking forward to seeing how yours is set up.

How quick / easy does it need to be? You could permanantly attach a plate to the tower with the matching hole pattern for the manifold flange. When you want to throw the horn up there - it’s only 4 bolts. You could even use wing nuts.

Got any pics of the tower?

I wouldn’t use a 1/4" quick disconnect. I dunno - maybe it would be enough for a P3.

It will be maybe by Friday cause our boat is still in storage for winter.

I’m thinking of using a “Swell Latch” something like this: