Horn setup in "Terror on the streets!"

Hey all, just found the site tonight as I was looking for an airhorn. I have a '08 GMC Sierra that I wanted to hook up with reasonably priced horn, but I didn’t want to skimp on the sound quality.

Point: What’s the horn setup used in the “Terror on the streets!” videos?

check the installs section on hb.com and check the maursder install, I think a set of k5la’s are in that beast

K5LA in Back K3la under hood and a set of hb4h
i may be wrong

its two k3las and one k5la all at once

…And a set of psycho blasters.

you mean matts in the car ?

forgot those little bastards… lol

Those lil’ bastards scare the shat out of small animals.

I second that, I love my little horns. they are so hi pitched it is like instant gratification people get pissed.

1 K5LA and 2 K3LAs

That was a loud donkey setup. I seriously considered buying it for a while until they took the horns off.

I thought about buyin the car as well…it had everything, but i already had my own project…
plus those physcoblasters were funny as hell when they scared that cat and made it jump…lol

O ya they had the whistle on there too. It was always funny to see the people hear the whistle and not expect the wrath that the rest of the horns were about to give them :smiley:

i wouldda bought it i had the money i love the marauder

Check out the Conductor’s Special kits. The horns have a LIFETIME warranty and have stainless steel diaphragms. You also have a 10% discount for being a forum member. Give us a ring and we will hook you up buddy.

What Garrett said, They are bad donkey.